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Tuscany is the birthplace of culture and distinguished men, of noble wines. In the municipality of San Casciano the Florentine Niccolò Machiavelli wrote The Prince and cultivated the vineyards and olive groves he inherited from his father. Here, Niccolò’s greatness became one with nature, authenticity and tradition. The plots and vineyards of the ancient Fontalle estate extend out from the tiny village across 27 hectares of specialised vineyard cultivation to produce the celebrated Chianti Classico DOCG, the Riserva, and other special selections of exclusive wines.

Splendid cypress and oak woods still surround this hamlet where time seems to stand still. The cellars beneath Machiavelli’s house have not changed from the description given in a document dated 1498: “…wine storerooms opposite the so-called albergaccio”. The ranks of small prestigious oak barrels are still used to slowly mature the wines of Vigna di Fontalle.

The historic Villa Machiavelli represents the oldest Chianti tradition. The estate is located at Sant’Andrea in Percussina, in San Casciano Val di Pesa in the province of Florence. Built 500 years ago, the cellar lies beneath the house where Machiavelli lived during his long exile from Florence.
In 1512 and from 1513 onwards, Niccolò Machiavelli was confined to the Albergaccio, which adjoins the cellar. Here he pursued his writing, tended his fields and passed his spare time in the famous Hosteria. Machiavelli ran his vineyards and his farms well, taking a personal interest in their management. Careful restoration has returned the Osteria (Albergaccio) to its original structure.

The kitchen and small rooms, furnished with much of the original furniture from the museum villa, provide visitors with a warm and welcoming environment in which to taste the simple dishes of traditional peasant cooking and the prestigious wines of Vigna di Fontalle and Poggio.

Villa Machiavelli


Villa Machiavelli
Ristorante Albergaccio dal 1450



We cook elegant, rustic, honest food that will delight your visual and culinary senses, from classic, traditional flavours to new, inspired dishes cooked by super-skilled chefs. Careful and sensitive restoration work has now turned it into an elegant restaurant with great attention to detail. With the Florentine hospitality and a kitchen led directly by chef Libero and his sons Lorenzo and Matteo, this is traditional Tuscan dining at its best.

The weekly-changing menu is the kind of food Libero, Lorenzo and Matteo want to eat when they’re at their happiest. Taking inspiration from traditional Tuscan recipes handed down through generations, all the dishes on our menu are designed for sharing. Using incredible Tuscan produce, whole animals are butchered and prepared on site every day, and paired with ingredients so good they really speak for themselves.


“Behind the old wooden door…our family secrets for Tuscan excellence.”

Our mission is to serve others as we would want to be served ourselves. Our vision of simple luxury, local experience and hospitality has come to touch the souls of people all over the world.

The secret of the Saraceni group isn’t simply about what can be seen or touched, it’s intangible, it’s about what can be felt and experienced.

Two generations of the Saraceni family have grown their business from a single restaurant in the heart of the Tuscan hills into a world renowned hospitality brand recognized all over the world for its distinguished and historical venues, its embracing service and its exclusive high quality dishes based on family recipes brought to an international challenge.

…a family dream became reality.

“Traditional Tuscan cuisine, wholesome dishes and ingredients from our land.
 Founded and managed by our family of four generations, we follow a philosophy of quality and tradition.”


The Saraceni Group

Wine, Restaurants & Hospitality.

Made in Italy. Enjoyed Worldwide.

Since the beginning, the Saraceni family wanted to include several unique activities and products to their company that shared their core values and passions: “high quality, strong ties with the territory and professional reliability”. This lead to the creation of what is now an inspiring group of food, beverage and hospitality services.

The Saraceni Group is therefore composed by, alongside the production of wines, renowned and exclusive restaurants including, Ristorante I Tre Pini and the famous, Villa Machiavelli in Chianti Classico, one of the


Fratelli Saraceni Wines Fratelli Saraceni Wines

Ristorante I Tre Pini Firenze Villa Machiavelli

Hotel Bel Tramonto

Wine Tasting & Events

Wine Tasting & Events

Villa Machiavelli

Villa Machiavelli



Weddings & Private Events

If you’re hosting a party and you’re looking at private dining, we promise to deliver an unforgettable experience for you and your guests, whether it’s an intimate gathering or a feast for 150 people.

Come to Villa Machiavelli for a drink with a friend, a dinner with colleagues, a lunch with family, a business lunch, a dinner for two, or even for your wedding ceremony.

Your experience at Villa Machiavelli will not only exceed your expectations of taste, smell, and hospitality but also give you a true feeling of the culture and lifestyle of Tuscany. 

“To receive guests is to take charge of their happiness during the entire time they are under your roof.” Brillant Savarin


Menu selection for our Gala, Wedding and Ceremony services.

Discover the Machiavelli Village from the Inside


Wine, Food and History.

Info & Tickets

Info & Tickets

House-Museum “Niccolò Machiavelli” and Historic Cellar

11:30 am & 4:00 pm

Full price: 10 euro

Reduced price: 5 euro

  • Groups > 10 people
  • Children < 10 years old
  • Guests of the Restaurant “Albergaccio 1450”

Free: Children < 3 years old










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starADDRESS: via degli scopeti 64,
Località Sant’Andrea in Percussina
50026 San Casciano Val di Pesa (Firenze)
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